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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating - a new era in energy efficient heating for the home

Underfloor heating systems have grown in popularity in recent years as homeowners seek to improve their living spaces with a smaller environmental footprint

Underfloor heating offers homeowners and property developers a brand new, energy efficient way of heating their homes and the individual rooms within it.

The most common problem people have with the radiators in their home is the high temperatures they generate which turns the air in a property dry.

Underfloor heating is different – it actually helps to retain moisture in the atmosphere of a room.
And unlike traditional heating systems which only have one central thermostat, modern underfloor heating controls allow you to set the temperature for individual rooms.

This means a cheaper heating bill for you every month and it’s better for the environment because you’re not using energy to keep empty rooms warm.

Modern underfloor heating systems are sturdily built and, when properly installed, they require next to no maintenance. And don’t worry, you won’t need to dig up the floor either to access the piping if they need servicing.

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The underfloor heating systems we offer

Buried warm water

With a buried warm water underfloor heating system, 1.6cm pipes are placed into the screed of your floors and then finished with your selected covering. Best for new builds and extensions.

Surface-mounted warm water

When retrofitting underfloor heating, surface-mounted warm water pipes are placed inside insulated panels adding around 1.5m to floor levels. Ideal for existing spaces and renovation projects.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating systems use heated wires and cables installed under the surface of your floor to heat the room. Costlier to run and best suited for small rooms and bathrooms.

Underfloor heating FAQ

Installing underfloor heating with PlumbProud

We offer a full range of both electric and water systems for clients depending on the areas within their properties that they want to heat. Projects we can work on include..

Single room underfloor heating

Free up valuable space in your bathroom or kitchen by switching away from radiators. Warm water and electric systems are available.

Upstairs underfloor heating

You can install an underfloor heating system upstairs as well as downstairs. We can also fit a new system on joisted floors if required.

Self-builders, builders, architects

We can work around your construction schedule to install underfloor heating systems in brand new residential and commercial builds.

Renovation project work

Laid on top of your existing floor surface, install high output underfloor heating systems to mitigate for higher heat loss in older properties.

To install underfloor heating in your home, please call us on 01604 343053 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

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