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Solar Panel

Solar Panel

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Getting the latest solar panels for your home with Plumbproud

Save money on your electricity bills by generating your own energy with a new solar energy system for your property

The Sun generates an almost unlimited amount of energy and you can now capture that energy and turn it into free electricity by installing the latest solar panels onto your property.

What’s more, you can sell some of the renewable electricity your solar panels produce back to the grid to make money.

Solar panels are not right for every home but their popularity has soared lately.

That’s because wholesale solar panel prices have dropped by nearly two third in the last decade. As a result, tens of thousands of UK homeowners are taking up the opportunity to install their own solar PV systems and generate their own electricity every year.

The four key selling points behind the sharp increase in sales since 2020

Free electricity – solar panels generate electricity every day of the year to provide power to your home. Money you no longer need to pay your energy supplier.

Earn money – in fact, homeowners can now sell the excess energy their solar panel systems produce back to the grid under the Smart Export Guarantee scheme

Increased property values – although not all share this opinion, some estate agencies report a 4%+ increase in property prices for homes with solar panels

Reduced carbon footprint – by generating your own electricity, you increase the energy efficiency of your home and help the planet

People have lots of questions about solar panels and solar energy so we’ve prepared an extensive frequently asked questions section on this page which we hope will give you the information you need.

Solar panels FAQ

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With the launch of the Smart Export Guarantee, it’s begun to make financial sense for homeowners to invest in solar panel systems again.

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