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Heat Pump

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What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps may seem new to the UK but they’re actually one of the most popular types of renewable heating systems in other countries across the world. Heat pumps are very common in the colder parts of North America and Europe.

To best understand what a heat pump is, think about your current central heating system.

The existing heating system you have in your home is probably powered by a gas boiler and it’s the energy that’s created your boiler burning that gas which warms your radiators and provides the hot water you need for your baths.

With a heat pump, it’s different. Instead, it uses thermal energy from the atmosphere, from underground, and from water to warm your water and your radiators.

How do heat pumps work?

There are three different types of heat pump, the most common of which are ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps use the same principles as refrigerators to work but in reverse.

An air source heat pump contains a network of tubes containing a liquid refrigerant. The outdoor air come into contact with the tubes and the latent heat in the atmosphere warms up that liquid turning into a gas.

The gas then passes through a compressor which simultaneously increases both heat and pressure within the tube. This now warm gas passes transfers its heat to the air or water via a heat exchanger in the cylinder surrounding it.

The heated-up water or air then circulates all around your central heating system to produce hot water and heating for your home.

What if the air temperature outside is cold? There is still energy for the heat pump to convert even if the outside air temperature is at absolute zero. However, on colder days, your heat pump may struggle to provide you with water to the temperature you require.

Ground source heat pump

Like air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps also rely on a network of tubes but these tubes are buried underground.

Even just a metre or two down into the ground, the soil has a much higher temperature than the temperature you and I feel in the open air. That’s because the earth beneath our feet captures and retains atmospheric heat and does an effective job of storing it.

To extract heat from the ground, a mixture of anti-freeze and water is pumped around the heat pump’s tubes which absorbs naturally occurring underground heat.

This now warmer water and anti-freeze is then fed into a heat exchanger to provide heating and hot water to our homes.

Is a heat pump suitable for your home?

Backed by the Energy Saving Trust as an effective way to lower carbon emissions and reduce fossil fuel energy consumption, many experts are predicting that heat pumps will completely replace gas boilers in the next 30 years as the technology improves.

And heat pumps now have the support of the Government as, from April 2022, the government will be making 90,000 grants available every year to homeowners investing in heat pumps reducing their installation costs by £5,000.

But heat pumps aren’t right for every home. They’re best for properties which are already adequately insulated preferably with large radiators or underfloor heating.

You’ll also need space in your garden or yard for the heat pump itself. And like with system or standard boiler, you’ll need sufficient interior space to house a hot water cylinder. You may also need to consult local building regulations if your property is listed or in a conservation area.

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