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Join the UK's fastest growing plumbing franchise

Provide world-class support and services to homeowners in your local area with a PlumbProud franchise business

Did you know that, in the UK, 1.6 million brand new boilers are installed every year? And did you know that, other than brands like British Gas, Boxt, and PlumbProud, there are few national brands which spring to the minds of homeowners when they’re in the market for a boiler, a new bathroom, underfloor heating, heat pumps, or solar panels?

PlumbProud started life back in 2013. This original branch now achieves a regular annual turnover of £2m and the profit margins achieved by this small business are very impressive.

The idea to start franchising our system came to Sam Hardiker, the company’s Managing Director, way back in 2017 but he held off and held off for three more years as he further streamlined the company’s operations and improved its sales and marketing approaches.

Before the company found its first plumbing franchisees, Sam wanted to make sure that the model he had created was repeatable and sustainable over a long-term period. That’s because the best franchises should create a lifestyle for their owner and give them real personal and professional freedom.

Sam and his growing army of franchisees are ready to take on the plumbing sector. Will you join us?
To speak with us about opening a PlumbProud franchise in your area, please call us on 01604 343053 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

No experience in the plumbing trade?

Our plumbing franchises have been built with business builders in mind and not plumbers.

That’s because running a successful plumbing business doesn’t actually depend on your knowing the difference between a safety relief valve and a low-water cutoff.

You don’t have to be Gas Safe registered to be a plumbing franchisee no more than you need to be a Harvard graduate to run your own business. You just have to want to do it, have the courage of your convictions, and learn something new at every stage of the process.

Success in the plumbing trade requires the same set of skills and beliefs as success in any other business sector and that’s what we teach you.

PlumbProud is a management franchise. You won’t have to angle your arm down a U-bend to unblock a toilet…unless you want to, of course.

With our help, you’ll build your own team of carefully self-employed surveyors and independent installers.

With our help..’ll build your own team of carefully self-employed surveyors and independent installers.

As the plumbing franchise owner, you bring in the leads, co-ordinate the appointments, arrange the bookings, collect the money, and pay your contractors.

It’s the perfect business model with low overheads, more time for you to concentrate on sales and marketing, and more space to provide customers with the amazing Plumbproud service.

Already own your own plumbing business? Are you a time-served Gas Safe Engineer and plumber who actually does know the difference between a combustion chamber and a heat exchanger? Do you know what all the tools in a plumber’s equipment bag are called?

You’re welcome to fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page to receive our comprehensive franchise marketing pack. But please know that if you do become the latest PlumbProud franchisee, then we’ll need you to do things our way.

Plumbing franchise opportunities

We looked at the models offered by the so-called “best plumbing franchises” out there and we scoffed.

Apologies, that sounds arrogant and conceited but it’s not. The sentiment is real because too many so-called franchise opportunities out there involve selling a manual, a slow laptop with company wallpaper, and cheap vinyl artwork on the side of a van for £30,000 and these people have the temerity to claim their selling a business.

After that, you’re left alone to find your own clients and navigate your way around an industry which is unfamiliar to you.

Try telling the poor man or woman whose head is stuck in their sixth oven of the day scraping away the remains of meals that were cooked many years ago that they’re in charge of their own destiny. They paid £10,000 for this “opportunity”.

We would never do to our new franchisees. We’re here to help you found and grow a new business which will provide for you and your family. And the more successful you are, the happier you are and the bigger royalty (only 4-6% of turnover by the way) we’ll get from you every year.

Business is not a zero sum game. Everyone should win at it.

What makes PlumbProud different from other plumbing franchises

We have a system. It’s a system our Managing Director worked on for seven years before going out to seek franchisees to put it into action in other parts of the UK.

It works very well but it had to do more than just work well. It had to be predictable, repeatable, and teachable.

The way we do business is not based on assumptions – you will know exactly how to generate customer leads, what percentage will convert into customers and be able to predict your profit margins in advance. Each franchise includes a pre-defined and well-evaluated territory to ensure you replicate the brand and success of the franchisors.

We will provide exceptional quality training and support to make sure you have everything you need to develop your successful franchise:

  • 12 week training plan to see cashflow
  • Geographical territory of business
  • Expert industry insight
  • Business model
  • Recruitment process
  • Start up sales
  • Marketing guidance & on-going support
  • Branding
  • Software
  • Rebates & Discounts
  • Launch support
  • Personal franchise expert

How are our initial wave of plumbing franchisees getting on?

Even though it was launched during a global pandemic, the franchise’s East London branch made £20,000 in sales within its first two weeks.

PlumbProud revealed the franchise’s Northampton branch had generated £200,000 in January alone.

We’re still a new franchise so keep coming back to this page for periodic updates on how our new franchisees are getting on.

Better still, why not get in touch and find out for yourself by speaking with our MD Sam.

Join Britain’s newest, fastest-growing plumbing franchise team

To speak with us about opening a PlumbProud franchise in your area, please call us on 01604 343053 or click the button below to go through to our enquiry form.

To speak with our managing director Sam about a franchise, please click the button to leave us a message

Look forward to hearing from you!